The benefits of using the technological solution

The principal result of the technological modification of the flue gas route complex and the heat source is the fact that the modified heat source is able to produce significantly more heat in a significantly shorter section and produce substantially more heat at the same output thanks to the improved combustion and energy concentration.

Use in practice 

The technology is the most effective when used for gas appliances, solid fuel boilers and fireplaces. Prior to installation, we perform an operational test by "taking measurements" with and without the technology in order to get a comparison.  This is best way to observe the effect of the boiler operation, which saves fuel by up to 25 % (with a special mixture, the new model keeps the optimizer heated, and the entire chimney is in an ideal homogeneous environment with maximum energy utilization), extends the service life of chimneys and boilers by up to a factor of two, and reduces emissions by up to 50 %. We procure an inspection report by a chimney foreman and an authorized expert. We supply the thermodynamic optimizers in any colour according to your wishes, even with your logo if required.  

We guarantee the functionality of the technology with a lifetime warranty. 

Awards in competitions by Professor Jiří Toman 


Vyúčtování energií po instalaci technologie

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