Return on investment within about 1 year.

Gas savings of up to 25 %.

Lifetime warranty and service.

Extended service life of appliances.

Guarantee of functionality with measurement.

Measurement with an analysis carried out FREE OF CHARGE.

We are the authors of this patented technology with a worldwide novelty search.

The price includes the final inspection report carried out by a chimney foreman.

A world leader in the field of flue gas route optimization with internationally patented technology 

We introduce to you the thermodynamic flue gas route optimizer that is cast from a special compound with a surface glaze. It is placed at the mouth of the chimney, where we achieve the regulation of the flue gas flow by optimally adjusting the stack effect without undesirable fluctuations after carrying out a precise adjustment with the regulators of the stack effect and rings. We thereby create a homogeneous and warm environment with ideal combustion conditions along the entire length of the flue pipe, and at the same time, we generate more thermal energy that is efficiently used in the combustion chamber and transferred to the heat exchanger with a water medium. 

In the case of gas boilers, this results in the faster heating of the water up to the required temperature and hence a shorter combustion time. On the other hand, the break without combustion is prolonged as the thermodynamic optimizer prevents heat from escaping and undesirable external influences such as cold air, rain, snow and wind from entering. We thus achieve significant fuel savings, reduce emissions, prevent unwanted condensation, and even extend the service life of both the boilers and the chimneys.  Expert supervision is provided by an authorized expert in the field of flue gas routes. 

our technology has won awards in the competitions:


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