How did it all begin?

EKONOVA energy s.r.o. is a worldwide exclusive distributor. The company's managing director is Pavel Ondříšek, who is also the author of the technology and the patent owner. This know-how has gone through fifteen years of development. We are able to offer you an optimum solution for your flue gas routes with maximal savings according to your boiler. We guarantee functionality with a lifetime warranty. 

It all began in the army!

It was the 90's, and in light of the changing political and economic situation, the Czech Army requested that research be conducted that would make their Tatra vehicles invisible to the thermovision of potential enemies. The reason for their request is that when war breaks out, units always move at nighttime (when visibility is worse). One of the ways in which such night convoys can be detected is by using helicopters equipped with so-called thermovision. This technology consists in a special camera suspended under a helicopter which does not sense the normal image, but only temperature differences. Terrain that is sensed with thermovision in the nighttime has a bluish or greenish colour, but the rumbling engines of trucks and hot exhaust gases glow with a sharp orange or red colour. The enemy could thus easily detect them. 

Based on the demand of the army, Czech inventors came to embrace the task at hand. A company called Colorlak developed a colour that absorbs heat. The bonnet of a vehicle that is painted with this paint does not let thermal radiation through, and it is thus not possible to detect the vehicle's engine. However, the exhaust gases were still a problem. 

Another Czech inventor came up with the idea of using tailpipe fittings that increase the pressure of the gases in the engine.  The engine thus burned most of the heat that would otherwise escape through the tailpipe. The engine's performance was thus significantly increased, and the gas that came out of the tailpipe was much colder. Through an ingenious process, the fitting then mixed the warm exhaust gases with the ambient air until they cooled down to the same temperature.  Tatra vehicles had thus become truly invisible to night searches. 

The military contract was fulfilled, but the inventor went on to further develop the idea of thermal fittings. "If it works on a tailpipe, why not on a chimney?" He found a sanctuary for his further research (even with regard to his health condition) in Pavel Ondříšek, under whose auspices and financially support he conducted his research. The fitting on the tailpipe significantly increased the performance of the engine. Therefore, the task of the chimney fitting was to increase the performance of a boiler when heating a household. From experience, the inventor knew that in the case of boilers, whether they work on solid fuels or gas, large amounts of unused heat escapes into the chimney. If the chimney fitting was able to provide better combustion, significant fuel savings would be achieved as well. The path to the solution required long years of development, but it was worth it. The special chimney fitting increases the efficiency of the boiler, and thanks to the improved combustion, it saves fuel by up to 25 %. 

We adjust each flue gas route to the exact optimal needs of the given appliance in order to achieve the ideal combustion conditions with the creation of maximal thermal energy. Do not waste thermal energy unnecessarily. A large unused potential of thermal energy is hidden in each flue gas route in a chimney.  By using our patented technology, we are the only ones that can make the ideal adjustments to each flue gas route and ensure a very fast return on investment within a year. 


Handmade custom-made. We use a special thermodynamic mixture with coloured and burnished glaze (according to the customer's wishes). 


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